How do you like your platter?

A guide for meat lovers and seafood lovers only

What excites you the most about platters? Is it sharing with friends or the different options available? Or the idea that there’s something available for everyone?

If you are a meat lover or a seafood enthusiast, the Naija Chops platter and the Taste of Jinja are your very best bet to enjoy what can be an awesome party for your palate. There’s an option for everyone to enjoy their favorite seafood or meat options in these signature platters, served only at EbonyLife Place resort in Victoria Island. 

Naija Chops Platter

When it comes to satisfying your craving for bold flavours and hearty bites, nothing quite compares to a well-prepared Naija Chops platter. Featuring a mix of traditional Nigerian  foods, this platter is perfect for meat lovers. The Naija Chops platter is consists of:

Spicy Snails

Marinated in a blend of hot peppers and aromatic spices.

Crispy Chicken Wings

Fried to achieve a crispy, golden exterior while remaining juicy and tender inside.

Coriander Gizzards

Infused with the fresh, citrusy notes of coriander, 

Smokey Asun

Smoked to perfection, tender and richly flavoured.

Yam Chips

A delicious and satisfying side, perfectly complementing the flavours of the platter. 


Taste of Jinja

Indulge in a unique culinary experience with a platter that combines the best of both worlds: succulent meats and delightful seafood, all with a hint of Nigerian flavours. Perfect for those who love seafood and a bit of spice, this Taste of Jinja platter is sure to impress you. It consists of:

Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked to perfection and infused with a rich, smoky flavor that complements the seafood elements of the platter. 

Duck Spring Rolls

Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, bringing a touch of Asian flair. 

Naija Reloaded

The perfect entry point for anyone who’s new to sushi and scared to try. Made with jollof rice and cooked seafood.

Tempura Prawns

Each prawn is coated in a delicate tempura batter and fried to golden perfection, ensuring a satisfying crunch with every bite

Smoked Yam Chips

Adding a unique twist, this is a flavourful and hearty side. 


What would you add to either of these two platters to make them even more perfect? Drop it in the comments! 

Which of these platters would you love to try? Visit Jinja, 1st floor, EbonyLife Place or Turaka on the 4th floor, to get started. 

Jinja Asian-fusion Restaurant

New Jinja restaurant brings exciting Asian-fusion flavours to EbonyLife Place in Lagos from September 11

Lagos, 6 September 2021 – EbonyLife Place, in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island, is opening a new Asian-fusion restaurant, Jinja, to increase the dining options available to visitors at the luxury resort. 

On Saturday 11th September, the restaurant will be launched in grand style with a birthday celebration for Mo Abudu, founder and CEO of the EbonyLife group. From Sunday 12th September, the restaurant will be open for regular lunch and dinner bookings, and walk-in guests. For a limited period, diners can enjoy a 10% discount on an exciting menu, featuring a stunning combination of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Nigerian flavours.

Jinja‘s dining room is filled with lush greenery, evoking the feeling of a rainforest in South East Asia, and anchored by a colourful 90-degree mural by renowned visual artist Gerald Chukwuma. Guests may prefer to dine on the terrace, in a luxuriant poolside garden, soothed by the sound of a splashing fountain.

Executive chef Gavin Blaauw and his team of local and international chefs have created an exquisite menu, blending Japanese textures artfully with Chinese and Thai elements, and infusing them with carefully selected Nigerian flavours. The result is a delightful combination of traditional Eastern cooking techniques, the finest ingredients and visually stunning presentation. 

Jinja is available for private dinner or party bookings of up to 50 guests. To book, call +234 913 926 4355. 

The New Way of Having Fun in Lagos

What activities come to mind when you think about having fun in Lagos?

Most likely, it will be chilling out by a pool or at the beach, going to see a movie, or spending a weekend at a nice hotel, away from the pressures of the city.

The first obstacle to conquer in Lagos is the traffic, followed by annoying surges in cab fares.  At the end of the day, you’re unable to do all the things you planned to do because of all the locations you needed to visit.

This is why resort life is the best way to have fun in Lagos.

Instead, imagine staying at a boutique hotel, within a leisure resort, for a relaxing weekend. You are welcomed with a refreshing drink in a cosy lobby, filled with original works of contemporary African art, before going up to your room with a gorgeous view of the city.

Vinyl record player and Fela Album | Photo: White Orchid Hotel Lagos


The next morning, you wake up to a sumptuous breakfast tray while listening to a classic Fela album on a vinyl record player. The sun is out, so you head to the poolside terrace for a swim.

After your swim, you go up to the cinema to catch the latest blockbuster, lounging in a reclining leather armchair, snuggled under a freshly laundered blanket. Hot, spicy pastries are delivered to your seat, along with warm popcorn and an ice-cold soft drink.

A great weekend is incomplete without a delicious meal, so you head over to the gourmet restaurant by the poolside terrace to savour three courses of international cuisine.

To wrap up your evening, you head to the rooftop for signature cocktails and platters of tasty local delicacies, as you take in the glittering lights of the Victoria Island skyline and the coast beyond.

We all daydream about relaxing weekends after long hours of work. There is a lot of fun to be had, and everybody wants to ‘chop life’.

If you’d like that great weekend without the extra hassle, now you know where to go.