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We have beautifully curated meeting rooms, with stunning original art and paintings at EbonyLife Place. The rooms offer access to a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean during business meetings, high-level conferences, presentations, seminars, training, or casual get togethers. The private and secure meeting rooms boast of comfortable sitting furniture and swift Wi-Fi connection, which is accessible in the entire building. The rooms have a capacity to take 20-25 people and access to the 3 different restaurants in EbonyLife Place- Jinja, Turaka and Jinja Garden, all located in a location within the resort.

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Coca-Cola Lounge

The Coca-Cola VIP Lounge at EbonyLife Cinemas offers a more intimate and exclusive VIP Luxury movie experience with family and friends. The private cinema has a capacity to seat 28 people. The VIP Party package includes: an exclusive VIP screening room with reclining seats and warm blankets, delicious platters, soft drinks and cocktails or mocktails, popcorn refill till the end of your movie and a movie selection of your choice.

Photo by: Kelechi Amadi-Obi (
Photo by: Kelechi Amadi-Obi (

VIP Access Lounge

The Access VIP Lounge in EbonyLife Place is a beautifully decorated meeting room with a lounge area of 20-25 people capacity. The VIP Access Lounge is perfectly suited for business meetings, conferences and presentations and other corporate functions. At the lounge, you can enjoy a relaxing view of the Atlantic Ocean, swift Wi-Fi access, comfortable sitting, privacy and comfort, all in a secure location.

Vip Lounge

Kúùbọ Lounge

Kúùbọ Lounge is a private meeting room well curated with the finest arts and designs at EbonyLife Place. The event hall , which has a sitting capacity of 20 to 25 people is designed for corporate or individual functions such as business meetings, birthdays, bridal showers, high-level conferences, book clubs, presentations, baby showers, seminars, training, or casual get togethers.